Sunday, August 14, 2016


Summer has been really good to us this year.  We have had such a great time together.  No big trips, but a lot of fun. 
 Liezl went to a midnight releasing of the new Harry Potter book with her friend Emma.
 Cora has had a busy summer at the hospital, but everything has turned out great.  The mass we found is a bone cyst and a broken rib that has no connection to cancer.  Such a relief. She is trooper!!!
 Swimsuits have been worn almost every day for some sort of swimming activity.
 These two have been mowing the lawn and have done a really good job.

 Koolaide hair was one of our first activities after school ended.  The color lasted for almost a month.
 We all ran in a savage race which is a mud run.  Josh and I did the six mile one with 25 obstacles and the girls did a mini.  We had a blast.

 Here we are celebrating Father's day with Josh.  We have not seen him hardly at all, but when he is home, it looks pretty much like this picture.  We are all starving for his attention. Even Jingle.
 More swim days with friends.
 This was an ice-cream reward after a hard hospital day for Cora.
 Swim team lasted most of the summer.  Liezl, Quincy, and Ava were part of the Fighting Fish team and they each learned a lot and improved their strokes.
 Library days!!
 We saw the Lion King play!
 We made tie-dye shirts for the fourth of July.
 Josh's Grandma died this summer, and he was able to fly to Utah for the funeral.  He reunited with his entire family!
 More swim team pictures..
 These girls had been working hard on their chores and saved their money to spend at the American Girl store and Lego store.
 These pictures are from our camping/canoeing trip with the Millers.

 Liezl went to Girl's Camp this year.  It was hard for her to be away from her family and have to sleep with snakes and mice and spiders, but she did hard things and was blessed because of it.

 And again, some more swim team pictures. Cora was a great cheerleader for her sisters!

 When Liezl got back from camp, we all had a great reunion. We missed her a lot.
 Once Cora's bone cyst issue got ironed out, she fractured her foot.  This girl sure knows how to have fun in a small hospital room for hours.  She must have practice at it.
 I let the girls hold one lemonade stand each year.  They made cookies, a pink lemonade slushy, along with normal lemonade.  They had a blast with their friends.
 This kiddo has plowed through so many books this summer.
 More swimming with new friends we made!
And here we are getting pampered and spoiled.  We only have two more weeks of summer left and I am not ready to let them go yet!! I love summer.  I love our garden.  I love our tan lines.  I love fireflies. I love crossing things off our summer bucket list.  I would love lazy, sleep in mornings....if my kids believed in sleeping in. So here is to our last two weeks of summer! School, here we come.

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judy said...

What a crazy busy summer! You ladies are impressive (Josh, of course I think you are amazing). I'm so proud of each of you and love you!