Saturday, August 16, 2014

We will miss you summer

We have been enjoying our last couple of days of summer. We are all excited for the adventure of a new school year, but will miss our lazy days together. 
Soccer season is in full swing. I get to coach all three of my girls and it has been a blast. Cora is a trooper. She has done well cheering on the sidelines with books and bubbles to entertain her.
Ava gets to enter kindergarten with two of her teeth gone and is reading up a storm. She is going to do amazing....hopefully.
I am going to miss all of the imaginative play around here. These three have done really well playing together for the most part this summer. Here they are playing airplane. We flew to Paris.
Last night we pulled out the tent. We stayed out until ten before giving up and going inside. 


emily said...

Fun summer! But falls means October and we will get to see you!!!

judy said...

So much fun. What a summer. It has flown by. Fun photos. Thanks for sharing.