Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Liezl and Quincy did their third triathlon last weekend and Ava did her first. 
Liezl has improved so much in her swimming this year. She did amazing.

Quincy was her regular competitive self, working hard to get to the finish line.

Ava cried through most of it. It did not help that her bike chain and training wheels came loose half way through. But she finished and has a medal and does not ever want to do it again.
Cora was a handful and had so much fun cheering for her sisters.


judy said...

Good job girls! I am proud of you. Working hard is so important. You are learning great things...love you!

Kent and Leisy said...

way to go ladies!!! wish we could have been there cheering you all on!!

Amber and Travis said...

I missed this post somehow. I love each of their personalities and how they show through in the race! And I adore that little Cora! I need to have her come play with Adelyn sometime.

emily said...

Good job girls!!!!