Thursday, August 21, 2014

First week of school

The night before the first day of school we have a tradition of handing out certificates to each of the girls for  things they excelled at this summer. Some of them included: great helper, most pages read, most improved swimmer, most teeth lost.
The next morning we missed the bus...a great way to start out the school year. It worked out fine though. We had time to take pictures and chat on the way to school. (Cora was obviously not ready for the day yet..and don't ask why she is wearing a swimsuit because I don't know.)
 Liezl wants me to note that Quincy is up on the sidewalk and she is down on the grass. She is the taller of the two.

Since I did not get pictures of them getting on the bus, I got some if them coming off. Their sisters were so excited to see them.

We also had our first soccer game this week! Quincy moved up to liezl's division and they get to be on the same team. It started out a little rocky, but they have decided to stop competing against each other and turn their aggression towards the other team. They both did amazing.
This morning was Ava's first day of kindergarten. We spent yeasteday doing whatever she wanted which included making puzzles, playing board games, and crafting in the basement. I love my little introvert!!! She was nervous this morning but did not shed a tear! I was impressed. Cora and I are going to miss her so much.

 I love this nervous smile.  She was trying to be so brave before walking on the bus.


judy said...

Such cute girls. Back to school already. I'm proud of you all! Love the photos. Thanks

Greta said...

Oh, I just love them! Great pictures.