Friday, April 15, 2016

Cora turns four

Yesterday we celebrated Cora's fourth birthday.  Her day started out with presents and homemade donuts.  Her sisters were very thoughtful with their gifts.  Liezl bought her a fancy dress with a sun hat, Ava gave her a hello kitty ball, and Quincy got her a Unicorn book. 

I asked Cora what she wanted to do on her special day and she had two requests.  Go to the Y, then IKEA.  The Y is her favorite place with her favorite people who love and spoil her.

Cora asks to go to IKEA daily.  It is like Disneyland to her. I had nothing to look for or buy, so I let her take the lead. We spent two and a half hours there!! Every corner was an opportunity to play and imagine. She would play house in the set-up living rooms, Goldie Locks in the bedrooms, tea parties in the kitchens.
 We started off with lunch and cake baking at a small kitchen set.
 Then got equipped with map, pencil, and tape measure for the maze run.
 The display floor is like a real life video game her eyes.  The goal is to get through the maze while earning coins and getting a "power boost" at each arrow.  When she reaches an arrow, she jumps on it and makes an engine sound and speeds up, then turns around and asks how much coins she has now.  We went through twice.

 After an exhausting race, she spent some time at the beach.
 Then had a little drink in the garden. This girl is so fun to be around, I seriously had the best time!
 Later that day when daddy got home we went out to eat at Cora's favorite, Smashburger.  My other three girls are strictly chicken strip or nugget eaters, but Cora LOVES a good burger.
 Oh my goodness, this girl! She is such a blessing.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Break

This year's spring break has been pretty special and super busy.  My parents came into town and Josh took the week off!  Our vacation started off with Easter and Ava's birthday.  I was not planning on making dresses this year, so Liezl stepped in and made it happen.  She did a great job sewing the maxi skirts for her and her sisters.

 Here are some pictures of our little hunt in our backyard.

 Ava had a special birthday with her dad and grandparents home.  She got a new bike and created a tasty ice-cream cake.


My parents are amazing.  They worked so hard on our yard and made special memories with our kids. 

 We took one day in Columbus where we ate tasty food, shopped (Liezl tried on several Tiffani rings), visited the Ohio State football training facilities, and ended the day at a USA soccer qualifying match.

 The soccer game was so fun!  It ended a little cold, but was well worth it.

 The last two days my parents were with us was spent at Great Wolf Lodge.  Here we are on our way. We were super excited.
 Cute girls in their new suits.

Monday, March 21, 2016


This is the cutest totem pole I have ever seen!
It has been a while since I have updated the blog, so I will start with the oldest and move down to catch up with what we have been up to.
Liezl is loving volleyball and has been working hard on improving her skills. This picture was snapped with my phone while trying to contain three wiggly girls, but I love the concentration on her face!
This girl changes her nails every other day.  And not just a fresh coat of polish, each time is a work of art.
Tonight was the choir and band concert.  I got a little teary while watching her sing.  She is growing up so much.  She has such a tender heart and wants to make good choices and work hard toward her goals.  She is such a beautiful girl inside and out.

Quincy's basketball season is over and she is already missing it.  I am so impressed with how much she learned and improved.

Quincy sang in the concert tonight as well.  They sang about dinosaurs - which is why they have dino masks on their heads.  She did great.
Our school has a daddy-daughter dance every spring.  I let the girls wear their easter skirts early for the special occasion (I will post pictures of all of them together on Sunday.  They turned out darling and were not made by me this year, but by Liezl!!)
Here they are busting a move!  Quincy gets all of her signature moves from her Oupa.
Ava has been loving gymnastics lately but I missed getting her signed in on time, so she is swimming this month.  Swimming has been a hit and a miss for this little lady depending on her mood.  One week is awesome, than the next, she refuses to get in.  This week went well thanks to her new cheetah  swimsuit.  Her favorite color is cheetah print.
Here is Cora on St. Patrick's day holding Prince Wednesday from her favorite show Daniel Tiger.  Apparently Jingle loves that show just as much because she always steals prince Wednesday from Cora's bed and hides him under hers.  His poor nose is missing from all of the attention.
This girl is a joy to have around the house with me.  I am going to miss her so much when she starts going to school.
Her little body is doing really well.  I have pictured throwing a big party celebrating the end of all needle pokes, treatments, scans, and worry, but am realizing this is going to be a life long process with ups and downs. Which is just fine.  This is who she is and what she gets to deal with in life.  It has made her and those around her stronger and better.  We are so blessed for all that she is.
Josh and I have been busy in our own ways.  I have been trying to fit in some creative time while running the house.  Some day I picture myself in design school or doing lettering for weddings, shop windows, stationary.... but until then, I color with my kids and play with chalk.

Josh has been busy saving lives, but seems to have found time to work on other things.  I don't know if he is trying to make a statement, be funny, or feels like there is no other solution.  It is probably all of the above. Either way, he never ceases to amaze me with his work ethic, confidence, intellect, and determination.