Monday, November 16, 2015

Liezl the who

This cute girl has been working hard this past month preparing for the middle school musical, Seussical.
She had three performances this weekend and it was darling!! I really was impressed with these kids.
Liezl was the cutest who!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

New York

Our family just got back from a short trip to New York. I like the city much better now as I scroll through these pictures in my familiar home. We saw iconic sights, the girls were well behaved, the weather was somewhat nice, and Josh's parents were able to join us, but I guess I lack the adventurous spirit that would have made the city more exciting.  I was worried about loosing a child and do not like big crowds in small spaces. I am very glad we got to go though and we had a lovely time.
Here we are by the September 11th memorial on our first night.
Ferry ride from New Jersey into the city. 

M&m store at Times Square. 
This was Cora's favorite store.
Our last day was a little rainy and overcast, but with all of the lights it did not seem that gloomy of a day which was helpful for Ava's anxiety.
We had treats at Carlo's bakery from the show cake boss.
Our favorite of the whole trip was seeing Aladdin on Broadway!!! It was amazing!

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween parties and OR tour

We have had one busy week! I guess it is  silly how much effort I put into the girls' Halloween costumes, but they have worn them almost every day this week. And I do love making them. This year's theme was Star Wars, and no, Liezl is not being a grump in this picture ( not this time at least). She has been so so sick this week with pneumonia. Poor thing.

Quincy loves her costume, and as usual, she chose the hardest one to make. 
Cora would live in her ewok costume if I let her. 
Ava insisted on being the Princess Leia who passes out the medals at the end of the first one...or fourth. Whatever.
Liezl was feeling super sick this night but did not want to be left out of a photo opportunity.

Quincy has been taking Tae qwan do and they all wore their costumes to class this week. 
The hem/onc clinic sponsored a build a bear party where all of the patients and siblings could chose a bear and outfit. It was so amazing! People are so kind. Too bad Cora slept through her party. See her under our piles of stuff? It is strange she fell asleep because she is back on the steroids now and is back to partying through the night.
Cora and I helped out with school parties yesterday. I love seeing how my girls act at school. Kids love Ava! I am glad, but I am not too sure why. She would ignore them and give them the stink eye when they talked to her. First graders are so loving and accepting. If only we all stayed that way.

After the school parties, Cora got to go to her party at the y. This is her most favorite place to be. 

Josh has been so so busy with work. We were able to go visit him and get a tour of the OR. It was amazing. They let us practice procedures on dummies and play with the robots they use for surgery. 
Quincy getting an airway.

This was a simulated set-up, but it looks like Cora is poking around in someone's belly just for fun. I love it.

Saturday, October 17, 2015


I feel like winter is right around the corner and I am not ready for that at all. At least we are enjoying these delicious, crisp fall days! It really has been beautiful.
We love hiking to Charleston falls. 
Liezl and Quincy were brave and climbed in the cave. They did not get too far in, but wanted to bring my phone to prove they went in.
Soccer season is over. It was fun but kept us so busy. This picture is of the two youngest entertaining themselves during a game. It makes me laugh. 
Cora and I took a trip to ikea last week!!! That store makes me so happy. Cora thought it was pretty fantastic too. She jumped on all the couches.
This week was spirit week. These two were so funny on wacky Wednesday. Quincy got creative with bows, scarves, and socks. Ava came downstairs wearing pink polka dot leggings with a pink striped dress. She was proud of her wacky pattern combination.
Us girls met our friends at youngs dairy to enjoy some mini golfing, ice cream, and animals.

Here is a sneak peak at this year's Halloween costumes. I will have much better ones on Halloween. I am so excited for our Star Wars theme.

Monday, September 21, 2015


This month has flown by! School for the three have gone fairly smoothly so far. Ava has had some stressful days, but overall she is happy.
Soccer is keeping us busy. Liezl is on a loosing team this year which has made it hard to stay positive, but I am proud of how hard she is still working. Ava has been so aggressive on the field! She is fun to watch. Quincy has had an injury she has been nursing this season, but with tape and ice she can still tear it up!

Cora is enjoying her time with mom and friends while sisters are at school. Here she is playing with her pal Caroline.
Star Wars is still Quincy's obsession and her sisters have been fairly supportive of it. It helps that it is pretty popular right now.
Hanging around at a park, enjoying the amazing fall weather!!
This Quincy is my favorite. I took the girls to cold stone last weekend and while the others left their cups unattended, Quincy had to sample all of them....just what I would do.
Liezl and her bff, just swinging and chatting. Cute girls.
Cora and I are at an infusion today. We have to put hats and masks on while they access her port.
And here is an after picture. Her feelings got really hurt today. Poor thing.