Monday, July 27, 2015


We are a month into Josh's new training job at Ohio state. It has been pretty......terrible, no exciting. I guess the answer depends on the day and who you ask. He has been super busy with not a lot of down time, but has been doing some amazing things and loves what he does. Last weekend we were not going to see him for about four days, so we visited him at his fancy new hospital. It was beautiful! His office overlooks the football stadium and even in the hospital, we could not escape Brutus and the Ohio state fanatics! I suppose my girls are being raised as true Ohioans who love silver and red...I mean scarlet and gray. All but Cora. Look at that face she is giving the buckeye man!
Josh has been able to harvest two donor hearts. He gets to fly in a private jet to wherever the heart is. 
Get driven to and from the airport in an ambulance.
Cut out the heart, which takes about ten minutes, then have six hours to get it back into the new body.

I am so proud of josh and am glad he is living his dream!

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Swim team and tonsillectomy

Liezl and Quincy's swim season is almost over. This was our first experience with swim team and, without knowing anything about it before hand, we learned a lot and really enjoyed it. For meets, the kids put their heats on their arms with permenant markers so they could keep track of them. Cora would always end up with full sleeves by the end of the night.
Summer makes going on errands a little tricky because I have four bodies to keep happy and all accounted for. Liezl is getting old enough to babysit for short amounts of time and my girls are well behaved, so it is not too bad. Look at all of them waiting for the oil to get changed! Pretty cute.
We have had Quincy's tonsillectomy on our calendar for a while now and tuesday was finally the day! She was such a brave girl, I am so proud of her! She only cried after they gave her versed, which apparently makes her super emotional instead of silly. That medicine gives her two younger sisters super-human powers and they turn into fighting bears, but it made her a blubbering mess!
Goodbye tonsils!!!
Recovery has gone smoothly. The first two days were a breeze, but she was in more pain today. We have had some fun stay at home days, but are excited for her to get better soon.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Emerald Isle

Our quick trip to the beach this week was amazing. The last time we were at a beach was when Quincy was a newborn. It was so nice to have a couple of days together where we had no commitments or plans. Morning runs with these girls riding alongside me was so fun. Quincy would tell me to go faster and would find every puddle to splash through while Liezl would stay by my side and chat about the cute colors on the beach houses we would pass and help me plan out our day. I adore them both!

We spent most of our time at the beach. Liezl and Quincy loved jumping through the waves and Ava and Cora mostly chose to collect shells and make castles. 

The surgeon who took out Cora's tumor is one of Josh's mentors. We stayed at his beach house which was amazing! We loved hanging out on the porch to swing, chat and relax. Liezl always made sure we were well supplied with the magazines she found around the house.

Facials and mani-pedis after a day in the sun. Pretty perfect.
We took a ferry to see a lighthouse which turned out to be a big disappointment to Cora because I failed to point out the difference between a ferry and a fairy. And when we got to the island to climb the lighthouse she was too short to go up. I stayed back with her and she was MAD. When we saw the others emerge onto the platform she screamed up to her sisters how she felt about the situation. "Not fair! Not fair!"

Ava was a little nervous about the boat ride, but was the first kid to volunteer to take the wheel. This captain was pretty smart because do you see those signes in yellow? What better way to get parents to open their wallets by letting your kid feel like hot stuff.

Later that day we want to an aquarium.
I love this picture. Ava is always looking out for her little sister. She is trying to hold her up so Cora can see over the water. I also love Liezl and Quincy here. They got along so well on this trip. Quincy did not tease to tears and Liezl did not try to assert her dominance as the oldest and wisest. 
And then there is this picture! Just the best. 

I am so glad we got to take this vacation so we could spend more time with this guy. We love him a lot. 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Surgery graduation

Josh graduated from surgery residency last week. Five years of long hours and hard work, plus one year in the middle spent with research is a huge accomplishment! The graduation consisted of a coctail hour, a fancy dinner and awards. Josh won almost all of the awards. He is amazing.  We decided to bring our girls so they could be a part of the celebration. It was a little long and boring but they did great. Obviously they got a hold of my phone and spent the night taking pictures. There was a professional photographer there so hopefully we will be able to get a couple of those pictures because this is all I have from the night.


We now have one week before josh starts cardio thoracic fellowship so we are taking some family time at Emerald Isle, North Carolina. Here is one picture from the long drive. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Harry Potter camp and races

I have got to document our excitement from this last week before more pictures pile up. Liezl and her friends luke and Emma started Harry Potter camp yesterday. They all got sorted into the ravenclaw house. When she got home yesterday, Liezl was exhausted. I think the lazy summer schedule is making her soft. 

Last weekend I ran my fifth half marathon. Mary and I wanted to run one more race together before she moves. I have to remember how lucky I am to live the airforce life because it gives me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. I have to keep telling myself that because it is not fun when friends move away too quickly.
After the half there was a kids color run. Ava and Cora ran a half mile and Ava was the first girl across the finish line. I went with Cora and she ran the entire thing. She did not mind the chalk thrown at her but something about the yellow was off putting so she was very clear to the volunteers that she would have none of it. 
Quincy and liezl's race was last and it was hot. They ran a mile that had some good hills in it. I think it surprised them how hard it was. They both did amazing!

I will add in some swim pictures too. Summer is pretty fabulous when you have plenty of friends and water to keep you cool.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Moments from this week

I love summer! We have had fun so far doing things not too extraordinary, but still fabulous. Cora's last infusion was made extra special thanks to dear friends who came to keep us company. They brought some fantastic accessories for this princess.
Summer means lots of library visits. These girls are the best!
After a morning at playgroup, some of us got doughnuts for national doughnut day. So many kids!
Josh ordered some pig hearts online so he could study them before he starts fellowship in a couple of weeks. They got shipped bobbing around in a bucket full of nasty formaldehyde smelling liquid. Quincy loved it! She thought it was fascinating. It took the others a while to warm up to the idea of touching it.
He gave us all a heart anatomy lesson. It was pretty exciting.