Wednesday, February 18, 2015

This week's phone pictures

Here are some more phone pictures taken this past week.  I feel like I have not taken any quality pictures lately and have thrown together blog posts, but I guess it is better than nothing. The Valentine's parties at the school were a hit! I love our old, somewhat creepy, country school.
We spent some quality time at target on Valentine's Day. We can spend way too much time there. It is pretty much our favorite place.
Our heater broke yesterday. It did not take too long to get someone here to fix it but it took jingle a long time to warm up. She sat like a little toddler by her vent all afternoon.
At Cora's infusion today, while I was perusing the Facebook I saw that it was national eat ice cream for breakfast day to support children's cancer. So I ordered chocolate ice cream to celebrate. Why not??!! She was pretty thrilled about it.
We had the sweetest visitors at the hospital today. Anisa Guy and Lisa Latta spent the whole day with us. Anisa even brought an amazing quilt for cora.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

This week's phone pics

Right now Liezl is at a camp with her fifth grade class for three days. They get to spend time in cabins and play in the great outdoors. Too bad it is freezing and snowing, but they probably don't even notice. It has been a little tough not having her around. We all miss her. Her sisters gave her a tearful goodby when she left.
Quincy and Ava were chosen from their classes to be students of the month! They are such good, cute girls. I love them.  Too bad this picture is so fuzzy.
Liezl and Quincy are playing volleyball this month. It has been fun to try something new and I think they are having fun. It is not the physical outlet I was looking for though. There is a lot of standing around waiting for the ball. 
While three-fourths of my girls are at school, cora and i have been busy painting the house. She loves to help, which is fun, but we sure create a lot of messes!
Here is Quincy showing off her new birthday outfit. I think she looks so darling!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Quincy's Baptism

We just said goodbye to all of our visitors who came into town for Quincy's baptism and are missing them already. My mom and dad, Judy, Dan, Emily, and teddy made our weekend so special. We are so blessed to have amazing family who support and love us.
Saturday evening Quincy chose to be baptized and I could not be prouder. She is such a sweet, tender-hearted girl. She was so touched by the spirit during the service, she was in tears most of the time.
She sang a song with her friend Payton who was getting baptized the same day and Liezl gave a talk. They did amazing.
I am so glad we had all weekend to celebrate our wonderful Quincy!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Glow in the dark dance party

Quincy had her eighth birthday party last night. She wanted to have a glow in the dark dance party in the basement with her friend who shares her birthday. They both invited some friends and planned karaoke to go along with their glow in the dark decorations and black lights. It was a little crazy, but pretty low key since all we had to do was let them go wild in the basement. Quincy and Payton asked their friends to bring socks to donate to a homeless shelter instead of presents. They collected 138 pairs! Quincy is such a fun, happy, caring girl. It was so fun to see her around her friends last night.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Snow/cold days

After our long Christmas break Ava had a terrible time going back to school. She must have some powerful prayers though because we have had snow and cold days for most of the week. We had a blast playing in the snow on Tuesday, but have hardly stepped outside since. It is so cold!!

Such a happy girl when she is at home with her family!!
We worked hard on our tunnel. These girls crawled through it I don't know how many times.
Oh, and here is a picture of our New Year's Eve. Josh was gone, so I figured we would treat it like a regular night like I have in the past. But Liezl rallied her sisters together and helped everyone stay up and they did it. This was them when the ball dropped, two minutes later they were all sleeping. 

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


By the time Christmas day is over, I am anxious to get everything put away and be done with the mess and chaos.  As I am looking through these pictures, though, I really do miss the fun time we had this year.  These girls made it so fun. They really are the best.
Cora and I spent Christmas Eve morning at the Hem/Onc clinic for an infusion. She had a blast with all of the extra attention and presents.
 Josh had Christmas Eve and Day off, which has not happened at all during residency.  It was pretty fabulous.  The rest of the day was spent together waiting until we could have our Christmas Eve dinner and open pajamas and the presents the girls bought for their sisters.

Christmas morning started early for us.  Quincy woke up at two ready to tear into her presents, but was sent back to bed.  She came down again several times hoping for a different response.  And then came with all of her sisters at six with strength in numbers. 
The theme of this year was Nerf and Legos.  We spent most of the day in pajamas building and shooting arrows all over the house.  We also had the Missionaries over to talk to their families on skype and eat with us.  

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas dresses

We have had a sick, sick week.  It started out with Cora and a trip to the Children's hospital with the flu.  And now that it has been through all of us, we are ready to bring on Christmas!!!!  I debated yesterday if I should sew the girls' Christmas dresses that were waiting to be made.  Even though they were quickly sewn together and a little rough around the edges, I am glad I made them.  It was a fun project and the girls looked darling!

These cute girls have been working hard on a service project this month for Christmas. We were looking at the LDS Church's humanitarian website and came across a movie of a woman from Russia who received a blanket donated from them.  We were touched how grateful she was to receive such a simple gift.  Each of the girls picked fabric for a crib sized quilt and they worked for three weeks on them.  I was so impressed with their patience and dedication to their project.  As they tied, they discussed where their quilt could end up and how happy the baby is going to be when they get it.

Liezl and Quincy and I went to the Nutcracker last night. Liezl was still feeling feverish and crappy, but was not going to miss and evening with her BFF.  

The one good thing about being sick is the reminder how lucky we are to have healthy bodies!! I am so glad that is all over with.