Sunday, May 15, 2016

This week

This is just a quick update on our daily.  Liezl and Quincy have been playing volleyball.
 Ava has learned how to ride her bike!!
 Josh is working like crazy saving people's lives.
 The girls danced in the ward talent show as glow stick figures.  It turned out darling!
We are tearing up the floor and getting new stuff put in this week!
But the biggest thing that has been on our hearts and minds has been our Cora.  I found a lump on her back a while ago and after multiple scans and a small surgery to get biopsies, we will be hearing from the doctors this week as to what it is.  I feel heartbroken that she is in pain and that this monster is possibly plaguing her body again.  We are hopeful and are gaining strength from our Savior and the countless angels around us who are praying, calling, and serving us. 

UTAH 2016

Josh had a week off of work, so he bought us all tickets for Utah to visit family.  Our last couple of trips out west were made without him, so it was good for Josh to make this trip happen.
 Flying without little babies is so great! I love the ages of my kids right now.  They are all semi independent but still love being around me.....although I have a feeling I am going to loose out on that last perk soon.
 We love, love, loved being around cousins and siblings!!  This is what I miss terribly!!
 Here are the kids playing around while we waited for our food truck food.  Utah is so trendy.
 My family took a day at the aquarium together.  We were quite the crowd! Seriously though, this is the best view!
 There were some clowns playing around on the whales.  I mean, someone should have told that strange man to grow up.

 We had a nail painting party where Liezl shared her nail art talent and Quincy did some painting as well. She has the nicest uncle.

 I miss Utah mountains so much!! This view was up in Bountiful overlooking the valley while we played with cousins and Grandma Winter.
 We had a day helping Opa plant his garden.  Hopefully he will have something grow for him this year because that was organized chaos at its finest.

 This picture of my grandpa with the girls might be my favorite picture of the trip.  I love my Grandparents so much and miss them.  We had a lovely morning playing in Grandma and Grandpa Frandsen's back yard.  It was a beautiful day spent with beautiful people.

Superhero 5K

Our family participated in Special Wish's annual superhero 5K.  We brought a running stroller that the smaller two took turns sitting in.  For the most part though, they all ran/walked the whole thing.  It was such a fun event for a great cause.  While we ran, we looked back to a year ago that day where we were in Disney World for Cora's wish.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Cora turns four

Yesterday we celebrated Cora's fourth birthday.  Her day started out with presents and homemade donuts.  Her sisters were very thoughtful with their gifts.  Liezl bought her a fancy dress with a sun hat, Ava gave her a hello kitty ball, and Quincy got her a Unicorn book. 

I asked Cora what she wanted to do on her special day and she had two requests.  Go to the Y, then IKEA.  The Y is her favorite place with her favorite people who love and spoil her.

Cora asks to go to IKEA daily.  It is like Disneyland to her. I had nothing to look for or buy, so I let her take the lead. We spent two and a half hours there!! Every corner was an opportunity to play and imagine. She would play house in the set-up living rooms, Goldie Locks in the bedrooms, tea parties in the kitchens.
 We started off with lunch and cake baking at a small kitchen set.
 Then got equipped with map, pencil, and tape measure for the maze run.
 The display floor is like a real life video game her eyes.  The goal is to get through the maze while earning coins and getting a "power boost" at each arrow.  When she reaches an arrow, she jumps on it and makes an engine sound and speeds up, then turns around and asks how much coins she has now.  We went through twice.

 After an exhausting race, she spent some time at the beach.
 Then had a little drink in the garden. This girl is so fun to be around, I seriously had the best time!
 Later that day when daddy got home we went out to eat at Cora's favorite, Smashburger.  My other three girls are strictly chicken strip or nugget eaters, but Cora LOVES a good burger.
 Oh my goodness, this girl! She is such a blessing.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Break

This year's spring break has been pretty special and super busy.  My parents came into town and Josh took the week off!  Our vacation started off with Easter and Ava's birthday.  I was not planning on making dresses this year, so Liezl stepped in and made it happen.  She did a great job sewing the maxi skirts for her and her sisters.

 Here are some pictures of our little hunt in our backyard.

 Ava had a special birthday with her dad and grandparents home.  She got a new bike and created a tasty ice-cream cake.


My parents are amazing.  They worked so hard on our yard and made special memories with our kids. 

 We took one day in Columbus where we ate tasty food, shopped (Liezl tried on several Tiffani rings), visited the Ohio State football training facilities, and ended the day at a USA soccer qualifying match.

 The soccer game was so fun!  It ended a little cold, but was well worth it.

 The last two days my parents were with us was spent at Great Wolf Lodge.  Here we are on our way. We were super excited.
 Cute girls in their new suits.