Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall happenings

Ava had a field trip to a pumpkin patch this last week and was terribly excited until she realized it was going to be a rainy day. She has aquired a real phobia of rain. It is pretty debilitating. She cries, throws fits, and can not see reason. So the only way to get her to go to her field trip was to drive her there, and let her wear an outfit that was comfortable and familiar...not the green shirt she obviously was asked to wear.

The rain stopped and she had her sister there to show off, so Ava calmed down and had a blast.
This last weekend we went to a pumpkin patch as a family and it was freezing and windy, so we did not stay long. 
We have been doing yoga before bed lately and this is how it usually ends up.
Today was wacky Wednesday at school. Pretty silly girls. Ava's interpretation of wacky was letting me braid her hair.
Cora has not grown at all for over a year so she has been wearing her same beloved pair of twinkle toes shoes for that long. Best pair of shoes I have ever invested in! Whe We got her a new pair this morning, she specifically asked for blue shoes. 

Monday, September 29, 2014

This week

Cora finished her four week round of chemo and is doing great. For those who did not know, she had some elevated cells rolling around in her body that the doctor wanted to attack before they caused problems. She is amazing!!
Josh and I ran the Air Force half marathon a week ago. I was pretty nervous going into it, but it felt amazing!! I felt super great the whole run and did not get too sore afterwards. I did get an impressive blister though.

Cora and Ava are the best of friends. They both adore books and love to be outside. When Ava gets home from school, they both head outside with a stack of books.

Liezl and Quincy's last soccer game was tonight. The other coach promised the girls if we went undefeated he would let them shave his head. We lost two games and he still let eleven little girls use clippers without a guard on him. They loved it!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Coloring pages

My sister is a dance teacher who wanted to send coloring pages home with her preschool-age class. Every week she has a nursery rhyme theme to teach a concept like leaping, lining up, etc. cute idea right!!?? She asked me to make the pictures for them to color, which is super nice of her to think of me because her husband is an amazing artist. I have not done anything creative for a long time, so it was nice to have a project to work on! I know the pictures are not at all professional and I have a hard time sharing them, but I figure I made them for kids to color. So here they are. Feel free to print them.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Liezl is 10

Liezl turned ten last week.  I am so proud of this smart, beautiful, caring, responsible, creative girl.  I could not have asked for a better oldest child.  She is such a good example for her little sisters and is such a great helper for  her mom.  This is the second birthday Liezl has been able to spend with her Emee (the first one was on her actual birth day).  Judy took Liezl to a fancy outdoor mall where they had lunch and shopped like crazy!  She was pretty spoiled.  
 Liezl is quite the chicken connoisseur.  She orders chicken wherever we go out to eat and has decided Texas Roadhouse has the best chicken, along with the best rolls.  So that is where we went for her birthday dinner which was followed by an ice cream cake at home.

 Apparently everyone in her grade has an I phone, pad, pod, or kindle.  The poor thing has been asking for one of the above for a while now without any luck.  There is no reason why she needs a phone or another gaming device, but we did get her a shuffle.  She feels quite grown up wearing her ear buds around the house humming along with her girl Taylor Swift.  Hopefully this will give her enough street cred at school and will give us a couple of years before the phone issue comes up again.

Judy's visit

Judy just spent a week and a half with us. She helped with a whole lot of cleaning, made some soccer nights go much smoother, and was here to help with an unexpected infusion.  We also went on a Labor Day weekend trip to Kirtland (an lds church history site). 
The drive went smoothly. I am so impressed how many smiles Judy got out of Ava for pictures.

My faith is always strengthened when I learn more about the sacrifice and dedication of our church's pioneer heritage.
Ava has acquired a rain phobia, which has made her umbrella her best friend.
Judy took this picture in the Whitney's house. It looks like a painting instead of a reflection.
The Kirtland temple is such a stunning building. 
Here is a picture of the girls at the sidelines of a soccer game with Judy. Unfortunately we sent her home with a vomit bug. What a nice farewell gift after working so hard for us...sorry and thank you Judy.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

First week of school

The night before the first day of school we have a tradition of handing out certificates to each of the girls for  things they excelled at this summer. Some of them included: great helper, most pages read, most improved swimmer, most teeth lost.
The next morning we missed the bus...a great way to start out the school year. It worked out fine though. We had time to take pictures and chat on the way to school. (Cora was obviously not ready for the day yet..and don't ask why she is wearing a swimsuit because I don't know.)
 Liezl wants me to note that Quincy is up on the sidewalk and she is down on the grass. She is the taller of the two.

Since I did not get pictures of them getting on the bus, I got some if them coming off. Their sisters were so excited to see them.

We also had our first soccer game this week! Quincy moved up to liezl's division and they get to be on the same team. It started out a little rocky, but they have decided to stop competing against each other and turn their aggression towards the other team. They both did amazing.
This morning was Ava's first day of kindergarten. We spent yeasteday doing whatever she wanted which included making puzzles, playing board games, and crafting in the basement. I love my little introvert!!! She was nervous this morning but did not shed a tear! I was impressed. Cora and I are going to miss her so much.

 I love this nervous smile.  She was trying to be so brave before walking on the bus.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

We will miss you summer

We have been enjoying our last couple of days of summer. We are all excited for the adventure of a new school year, but will miss our lazy days together. 
Soccer season is in full swing. I get to coach all three of my girls and it has been a blast. Cora is a trooper. She has done well cheering on the sidelines with books and bubbles to entertain her.
Ava gets to enter kindergarten with two of her teeth gone and is reading up a storm. She is going to do amazing....hopefully.
I am going to miss all of the imaginative play around here. These three have done really well playing together for the most part this summer. Here they are playing airplane. We flew to Paris.
Last night we pulled out the tent. We stayed out until ten before giving up and going inside.