Monday, September 21, 2015


This month has flown by! School for the three have gone fairly smoothly so far. Ava has had some stressful days, but overall she is happy.
Soccer is keeping us busy. Liezl is on a loosing team this year which has made it hard to stay positive, but I am proud of how hard she is still working. Ava has been so aggressive on the field! She is fun to watch. Quincy has had an injury she has been nursing this season, but with tape and ice she can still tear it up!

Cora is enjoying her time with mom and friends while sisters are at school. Here she is playing with her pal Caroline.
Star Wars is still Quincy's obsession and her sisters have been fairly supportive of it. It helps that it is pretty popular right now.
Hanging around at a park, enjoying the amazing fall weather!!
This Quincy is my favorite. I took the girls to cold stone last weekend and while the others left their cups unattended, Quincy had to sample all of them....just what I would do.
Liezl and her bff, just swinging and chatting. Cute girls.
Cora and I are at an infusion today. We have to put hats and masks on while they access her port.
And here is an after picture. Her feelings got really hurt today. Poor thing.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Liezl turns eleven

For the past six months, Liezl has been answering "almost eleven" when she gets asked how old she is.  And now she finally can say just eleven. Although I am sure she will be almost twelve soon. She got all dressed up for her special day. I would have never worn a dress to school when I was in sixth grade! I would not have even thought of wearing jewelery! But this girl loves fashion and nail polish and jewelery and always looks amazing. She asked to go out for dinner at McDonald's for her birthday. This girl has been obsessed with those Golden Arches since she was tiny. Silly girl.

For her birthday present she asked to go shopping. We had so much fun walking around and finding the perfect outfit and accessories.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


And they are off! The school bus just left and Cora and I have the day to ourselves.  I am sad to see them all leave, but am excited for the fun they will have.  Liezl started MIDDLE SCHOOL this year!!! She gets to take the early bus, she has her own locker, six periods to find (including gym, band, and choir), and no recess.

 An hour later, the other two hopped on the bus.  They were happy and thrilled to start another year.

 I love this picture.  Ava was concerned that Quincy was goofing around too much while the bus was driving up.

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Utah (part 2)

Our second week of Utah was spent with the gustafsons. We loved being with cousins, aunts and uncles, Emee, and Oupa. Ava adores babies and I would find her mothering teddy all the time.
We also got to visit with great grandma Joanne.
We love going downtown to temple square when we visit Utah. Here is Ava in the tabernacle.
And here are the girls in front of the temple.
I am so happy our favorite friends were visiting family the same time we were. The millers spent an afternoon with us and it was almost like we just saw them the day before. The kids picked up right where they left off and Leisy and I talked a mile a minute so we could fit in a years worth of visiting.
The county fair was going on that week, so we stopped by and looked at all of the animals.
Ava was not sure about the smell. I think that smile is saying, "I really want to vomit and cuddle a bunny at the same time."
We also spent a day up at the pioneer park. It was so fun. Our favorite part was panning for gold. I don't think I have a picture of Quincy this whole trip not making a strange pose or goofy face.
Liezl and Quincy were able to get some art lessons from Judy in her studio. They set up a still life and painted with oil paints. They did amazing! 
Our last night was spent at an amazing splash park and at a food truck rally. 

We are home now and are trying to process how to enter into real life after such a long, amazing trip. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Utah (part one)

My girls and I have spent the last week in Utah visiting family. Whenever I come back, I remember how much I love and miss it here. We had a family reunion up Ogden canyon with my family. It was so nice to spend time with my siblings and their kids. Liezl organized a play for all of the cousins to preform on the first night. 
The weather, the mountains, and the cabin was so beautiful! Even though Ava had two snake encounters, I think she would still say it was worth it. She loved her cousins!
Aunt Teri braided all of the girls hair.
The kids were so excited to surprise grandpa with a silly string attack. Waiting in the bushes for over five minutes to ambush him was worth the wait.

Milly and Aubrey planned a lot of amazing crafts for the kids to do. 
We took an afternoon catching fish. My girls were pretty terrified to pull out a wiggly fish and more terrified when grandpa said they had to eat it.

These pictures were not taken at the mountains, they were a little earlier on our trip. Here we are with cousins at the zoo.
And at the park.

Here we are making a birthday cake with grandma for Whitney.
I would find these two in the morning reading together. Like aunt, like niece.
And here we are in a big fort we made at grandma's house to watch a movie in.
We are still going strong and have another week of fun planned.