Sunday, January 31, 2016

Quincy is nine!!

We were able to celebrate the fabulous Quincy today for her birthday!!! This girl is such an important member of our family. She lightens the mood when times are too serious or stressful. She is very low in the drama department and is always willing to help out when she sees something that needs to get done. I am so lucky to have her.
Last week, She asked to go to an inside swimming pool and also wanted to go rock climbing for her birthday. This wall went from one to thirteen in dificulty level and what did she ask to start with?? Number thirteen! She is always up for a challenge and has the self confidence to go for it. I hope she never looses that.
Here is Liezl climbing.
Birthday morning picture: (Most pictures of this girl is with her mouth wide open or a goofy face.)
Today was heavenly. Quincy shared all of her toys so nicely with her sisters and we had no fighting. A birthday miracle!
Quincy shares her birthday with her close friend, Peyton, who had her birthday party yesterday which was science themed. Quincy has been wearing her safety goggles since. Trend setter this one.

Happy birthday Quince. May the force be with you.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snow day plus some

We woke up to beautiful snow today and were all so excited to get out and play in it!!!
Ava carried her snow baby around the yard and made a little house for it.
 Quincy smoothed perfect balls for a snow man.
 And Liezl built this tunnel.  She carved out a bigger opening, but Cora and I were too frozen to wait for it to get finished.  We will have to wait for the next one to be built because Liezl and Quincy got into a fight which resulted in both of their creations being destroyed and some fists thrown.  Snow days....they are great.
 Rosy cheeks!!
I am working backwards through my pictures now.  This is how we spend our weekends and evenings. We kind of like Target.

Quincy started basketball this month.  These girls are all very new at it, but are catching on quickly.  Quincy loves the pace of the game and getting in the crowd of girls to get the rebounds.  We are still working on layups and the idea of a pick.  Those are very hard concepts for her.

New Year's eve was spent skating with friends.  I was so impressed with these girls!!! They all did amazing.  Even Cora. By the end she was skating by herself and challenging me to races.
And here are a few pictures of our new year's eve party.  Ashley prepared games and a balloon drop.  I am so blessed to have friends who take the time to create memories for my girls.  I was not even willing to stay up at all before she invited us over.

And here we are at Charleston falls with some of our favorite people!! That Liezl is looking way too grown-up and fashionable!

Saturday, December 26, 2015


Christmas is all packed up, leaving me with a clean, empty house.  I kind of love it. Now to look back at our Christmas pictures.  I wish I had taken more, but I guess we were too busy having fun.  We spent all Christmas day in our pjs, eating and playing.  It was fabulous. Here are our pajama pictures on Christmas Eve:

Such a cute morning face!!!!!!
 Quincy got her Star Wars lego set and was a little excited about it.
 And Ava got her American Girl doll. 
Cora loves her Daniel Tiger toys.  I love that toothless smile!
 Liezl got a curling iron and paint supplies.
 Josh and Quincy powered through the lego instructions and had it built in three hours.
 Cora is posing with her new slippers.
 All done!
 Liezl's first painting with her new easel. 
 We missed our family out west, but are blessed with so much here and had such a great Christmas season.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

These kids

We finally made it to Star Wars today! Quincy was beyond excited. She brought her Star Wars bear because she knew there would be scary parts but did not want to miss any of it. I am so glad Quincy has this new girl Jedi to look up to! Seriously, she was amazing. We need more characters like her for our girls! Cora was so wild in the theater (the hair says it all) but we made it through without too many grumpy people by us.

This picture was taken last week at our children's hospital. Ava had some scans and was feeling really worried about them, so we played at the playground for a minute. She ran so fast and played so hard to try to battle that anxiety. It was amazing to watch. She is such a special kid.
Liezl is always planing out her next outfit. She worked hard for a couple of days on this scarf so she could wear it on Friday. Clothes are such a big artistic outlet for this girl right now. She is getting really into hair as well. She wants a curling iron for Christmas. She has also asked for makeup. Santa is not approving that last request.
Cora has been having lots of tremors and has had some high blood counts lately, but is still powering through with a smile. She is the best.

Kids are hard work, and time consuming, and heart breaking, and inspiring, and hillarious. And I am so lucky to have them.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Dresses

We bought our Christmas dresses when we were in New York at Macy's on 34th street.  It was a fun idea, but it was tricky shopping with all four girls who have specific and different styles while their mom wanted them all to match. Liezl's style is trendy, Quincy's style is comfortable, Ava's style is classic, and Cora's style is what I put her in.  I am so glad I still have one left I can dress. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

It's beginning to look like Christmas!

Our holiday preparations are in full force which means lots of visits to target. Who am I kidding, we are frequent target shoppers with or without the holidays. These girls are so fun to shop with......usually..
Our family was invited to the Special Wish holiday party last weekend. All of these college kids are a part of wright state's distance for dreams club. They earned the money to give Cora her wish!!! Seriously, these kids are so amazing and fun! A lot of them are going to Disney to run the marathon (on their own money) and volunteer at give kids the world.

Ava waited so patiently for her butterfly. This sweet clown moved like molasses!
These crazies helped me choose a tree, tie it to our car, set it up, and decorate it yesterday. They love it so much, they have been sleeping under it for the past two nights. Cute girls.

They also came up with a craft today that fixes our no chimney problem for Christmas. They all worked super hard to make a fireplace out of construction paper which turned out super cute.