Friday, May 15, 2015


A week ago I ran a half marathon in Columbus and it was lovely! It was perfect weather, the course was flat, and there was so much to see downtown with lots of people watching and cheering. I ran with Mary Wilde and Aleese Stewart. We kept the pace pretty fast and finished at 2:07. 

These photos are not flattering at all, but it is what it is.
Saturday Josh and Liezl and Quincy ran the tough mudder. There was a smaller course for the kids, so they watched their dads get muddy then ran their race. I stayed home with the smaller girls and watched my friend's smaller girls in exchange for her taking Liezl and Quincy. They all had the best time!

Friday, May 8, 2015

More Disney Pictures

We just got our pictures from Disney downloaded, so I have to add another post about our trip!
Cora carried around her Mickey for most of the trip. Pretty cute!
Those two were not fans of the dinosaur ride....can you tell?
Epcot was having a flower and garden show while we were there. They had darling topiaries of characters.
I LOVE this picture of our birthday girl!!
This one is too cute! It looks like Cora is looking at tinkerbell...and Ava is smiling!

Here we are in Paris! Cora is giving bunny ears just like her sisters.

I love Ava's expression in this picture! Look at her hugging Anna! The other two are not into it, and Cora would not touch her, but this was Ava's time to shine!
She would just stare at Elsa. 

Everything about this picture makes me laugh.
We were all making scared faces...Ava's is so realistic.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Cora's Wish

Cora's Special Wish trip to Florida was amazing!! It went by way too fast.  Last week we started our trip off with a limo ride to the airport.  We have never been in a limo before and we all felt pretty fancy.  Ava kept saying, "My friends are never going to believe this!"

Volunteers met us at the airport and got us set up with a van and directions to their resort called Give Kids The World.  It was such an amazing place.  The central campus had places to eat and snack, a swimming pool, and buildings with different activities for the kids.  Everyone there is a volunteer and all of the families, even though they were there under sad circumstances, were so so happy.  It makes me a little teary thinking about it.  Each night they had parties (halloween, christmas, birthday...) because some of the wish kids might not make it to their next holiday.

Every morning there was a character in the village to meet.  Monday morning was Mickey and we quickly realized Cora does not love characters.  She was terrified!!! This family picture took a long while to set up because Cora would have nothing to do with Mickey.
Our first day on the parks was divided between Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios parks.  We packed that day with everything we could fit in. It was crazy busy!! The highlight of the day was a frozen sing-a-long. My girls sang their hearts out! There was an older couple in front of us and afterward they turned around and said how fun it was to be serenaded by our girls. Liezl Quincy and Ava were very brave and went on most of the big rides. Liezl was the only one who braved tower of terror which was probably a good thing because the ride got stuck in the dark for ten minutes right after you see the ghosts get electrocuted. Pretty spooky!

These two were pretty scared while waiting for the dinosaur ride.  Cute girls.
Cora loved the Woody ride! She did not do well on most rides, but she loved shooting the gun adores the Toy Story characters.

Tuesday was Cora's third birthday!! We celebrated it by touring around the world and dining with princesses at Epcot.  We both waited around a little bit while the others rode some wild rides, but we did not mind.  She is the best!!

The girls discovered pin trading and were a tad obsessed for the rest of the trip. They loved walking up to Disney workers and asking them for one of their pins to trade.

Each of the countries had a kid station where they stamp and color a bear you carry around with you.
While looking through Japan, one of the Japanese workers started dressing Ava in a kimono.  Ava felt pretty special she was chosen to model such a special garment.  She looked so darling.
We had a special princess dinner set up by Special Wish.  It was fabulous.  Aurora, Cinderella, Snow White, and Ariel visited our tables.  Cora would not talk to them or get any where close to them, but she enjoyed watching from her seat.

Since we had two packed days in a row, we had a lazy pool morning followed by a Sea World afternoon.  It was the hottest day we had while we were there.  Ava was not thrilled with the idea of getting splashed by Shamu, so she wore her rain jacket and covered her body under another jacket.  She did not get soaked by the killer whales, but sure got soaked with sweat.

That night we walked around Downtown Disney and loved the Lego store.
Thursday was spent at Universal Studios.  This day was Liezl's day, and the Harry Potter world did not disappoint!  Liezl and Quincy were the perfect ages. We also had Judy join us which made it extra special.

We saved Magic Kingdom for our last day and it was amazing.
Right when we walked into the park, Marry Poppins walked up to Cora, took hold of her hand, and led her to a quiet corner so they could chat.  

She was the one character Cora was not afraid of.  Marry Poppins is so magical.

There was a hidden make-a-wish building we could go to relax.  Ava, Cora, and I sure had fun lounging around and taking a break from the heat and over stimulation.
This is what Cora looked like on most rides.  I love her smile under her hands.  She had the best time!
Words can not express the gratitude we feel from receiving this amazing opportunity to celebrate Cora's cancer journey.  Her little body has been through more than any one should endure. Her sisters have been asked to put up with a lot as well.  This past week has been so therapeutic for our family and will always be cherished. The service others have provided to give all of us this gift is amazing and inspiring.  Thank you Special Wish!!!